Felted wool sweater projects

Begin with four squares all cut to the same size. Wash and Dry Again Check to see how tightly the item has felted. I stress that you must check your sweaters frequently during the felting process, or you may discover your wool has shrunk too much and too densely. This was probably the most time-consuming part of the craft.

Click here to learn how to make a pair of mittens from your felted sweater. I started with the thumb.

35 Wool Sweater Crafts

Felted wool keeps your hands and head warmer than most commercial products, and it wicks away water to help keep you dry during the winter. Just cut the shoulder seam and sew a neater edge.

Felting Projects

I found that it was better to use a hot glue gun for this stage. I could try something like Transfer-Eze or Sticky Solvybut there were two things against this: She refuses to let her life be encumbered by more things than she actually needs and uses; the fewer the better.

The knit allows space for the surfaces of each fiber to rub together more effectively. Each one was different from the next, but I want to see the different textures that each sweater developed after the same amount of time in the wash.

Felted Sweater Scarf

Make a simple flower clip from a square of felted wool, a button, a clip, and some hot glue. Wool Threads Once I had the design on the gloves, I foraged for some wool threads. Continue Reading Use a hot-water wash, a cold-water rinse, and the usual amount per load of whatever laundry soap you have on hand.

Based on how felted your sweaters are, re-set your stopwatch. Throw the sweater into a zippered delicates bag and wash on high heat. If you are pleased with the result, let the sweater dry, but you can also give it another round of hot water and washboarding.

Thread your needle with a 2-yard length of Persian wool or embroidery floss. One way is to knit or crochet a garment in pure wool yarn, obviously making it much much bigger than you need it to be, and then to felt it down till it fits.

Dry on high heat. To make a pouch like this one, cut a rectangle from a piece of felted wool. If your sweater shrank, but you can still see the strands of yarn, then it is partially felted.

If you have a washboard, use it, but if not, bubble wrap is the perfect substitute.

Recycle Old Sweaters: Learn How to Felt Wool

Reinvent your old or damaged wool sweaters or pick some up from the thrift store for this clever sewing craft. These mittens work well, but the out-to-the-side thumb thing is uncomfortable for some people, depending on your hand shape. Always start with a bit less soap than you think you need.

The soap acts as a surficant, helping the fibers and their scales to more easily rub together. Blanket You can make a patchwork blanket, using effectively the same set of instructions I gave on my own blog for making a jeans quilt —with this one you may be able to get away with not even backing it, just binding the edges with blanket binding or even long strips of leftover sweater felt from the cuffs or waist.

Turn the machine on and let it fill with water. Mixing patterns and colors makes a project especially unique. This step tightens the felt further, and sometimes makes felt that lacks body become full of it! Check the tags that show what the item is made of, and look for items that are percent wool.

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The next bit is the fun part. Each sweater will turn to felt at a different pace, so use your notebook to record the progress. Iron the finished pot holder with lots of steam to make a nice, flat finish.

Knitting Pattern for Felted Mittens The knitting pattern for these felted mittens can be found in the book Knit One, Felt Too by Kathleen Taylor, which is available through the following book affiliates: Record the results in your notebook, for later reference. Sweaters will pick up lint from the towels, so always wash sweaters in a pillowcase.The other way to make wool felt items, the I-don’t-have-time-to-knit way, is to comb your own closets and pay a few visits to the local thrift store and gather a collection of sweaters made in at least 85% wool (the higher wool content the better!), felt them down, and use them to sew other garments.

Jan 26,  · Hand Embroidery on Felted Wool Mittens. Share. Amazon. So, Thank you for sharing a project worked with wool on cheri197.com favorite fiber. Can’t wait to learn from your expertise! I think i would have found a thrift store wool sweater to felt and worked on a flat surface,making The mittens after.

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$ or Best Offer +$ shipping. Trash to Treasure Sweater Magic Kit by Harrisville Felt and Embellish Projects. Make a Felted Sweater Tote Sweater totes make a great gift or donation to a community fund-raiser.

Use the carryalls for light shopping, as a second handbag, or to stash a knitting project.

Hand Embroidery on Felted Wool Mittens

Sep 05,  · Learn how to make 5 felted wool projects for fall from one thrifted sweater! Easy, practical, pretty, and they make great DIY gifts! Wool sweaters Recycled Sweaters Old sweater Felted wool crafts FELT CRAFTS Wool felt Fabric Knitting Wool Applique Forward Recycle Old Sweaters: Learn How to Felt Wool By transforming wool into felt, you can recycle discarded wool sweaters into an array of useful items and fun gifts.

Felted wool sweater projects
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