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My India ofwould be a nation of healthy people. The startup also works on interactive advertisements which are placed on digital signages that helps in gathering data insights for marketing and branding.

It was my second bliss when Agni met its mission requirements in My India of would be self-sufficient in its energy needs, be it through exploring and developing new gas fields, or through developing other sources of energy like thorium nuclear reactors, wind energy, solar energy and tidal energy among others.

Both must go hand-in-hand. People lose their patience for again working hard, so they indulge in various unscrupulous means to get a lucrative salary and post.

KrishiHub KrishiHub is an agri-tech startup founded in in Bengaluru. The only connection is a central bureaucracy that pretends to unify the Union of India in some form of a democratic nation. One should contest elections with minimum experience and qualification.

My India ofwould be a world leader in all the frontiers of technology; be it in space technology, or research in the field of bio technology. It will also help in protecting our environment and sustaining our resource base.

Abhishek Sharma Feb 7, With machine learning and artificial intelligence-based startups rising up steadily in the past two years, computer vision CV is one specific area where companies are willing to take it one step further.

There will be quality in all fields for everyone. The major challenge essay on my vision for the future of india that humanity faces today is essay on my vision for the future of india not that we lack.

380 Words Essay on Corruption in India (free to read)

Employment will serve as a backbone for a prosperous nation in the next decade. In my India ofthere would be no room for gender discrimination and both the genders would be made partners in the growth of the country.

There should be democracy cess of 0.

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Corruption has increased by leaps and bounds which is in direct relation to our lust for money, power, moral degradation, devaluation of human values, and destruction of character. That was my forth bliss! We must be strong not only as a military power but also as an economic power.

Knowledge in the form of education, technology and access to a wide range of information is a catalyst for individual and social progress. Why are we in India so embarrassed to recognize our own strengths, our achievements?

Gratifications, kickbacks, commissions and bribes are the order of the day. We have so many amazing success stories but we refuse to acknowledge them.

Lack of Leadership One of the causes of corruption is lack of proper leadership. It also focuses on monitoring agricultural data for the Indian environment. Investigations by vigilance departments and CBI against the bureaucrats have proved fruitless due to the power of nepotism, manipulation and money.

The startup relies on CV to identify images that impact the fashion industry, and bring out new recommendations to suit customer needs. I have a vision that in coming times, India will emerge as one of the world leaders in science and technology.

An India which is as proud of its daughters as it is of its sons. The fortitude of the Indians has withstood successfully all the onslaughts. It was the day after a lot of attacks and bombardments and deaths had taken place. This would happen alongside my career in the corporate world.

'My vision for India is where every citizen is equal in the eyes of one law'

The central theme of my vision is education, employment and health. Their parents had tears in their eyes.

Essay on my vision for the future of india

People of North India have no clue about their fellow citizens of South India and vice versa! See four milestones in my career: My India of is one which stands up as a united entity, an India where there are no murmurs of secession from any part of the country. I hope the society itself will develop a mechanism to promote the well being of everyone without having the need of an enforcement by law all the time.

On the other hand, it assists the banking industry with crucial activities such as document verification of customers, invoices and so on.

We do not look ahead or plan ahead our strategic realities. So, obviously I visualize an all around growth and development of India. Why is the media here so negative?I have three visions for India.

My Vision Of India In 2020 AD – Essay

In years of our history, people from all over the world have come and invaded us, captured our lands, conquered our minds. From Alexander onwards. My vision for India of is one in which it is capable of defending itself both against external threats as well as internal disturbances.

An India where everybody is made a partner in the growth story, an India where everybody feels proud of the heritage and the diversity. My Vision Of A Modern India quotes - 1. The most loneliest day of my life. Such a lonely day shouldn't exist. It's a day that I'll never miss.

Such a lonely day. Read more quotes and sayings about My Vision Of A Modern India. The Manav Ekta Mission is organising a Essay & Poster Competition for students belonging to schools & colleges in the Delhi / NCR region.

My vision for the future of mobility in India is based on 7 Cs: PM Modi

The competition is being conducted in conjunction with Manav Ekta Mission’s Walk of Hope – a km long padayatra, led by Sri M across India. Pharmacists in India are Over Qualified and Under Utilised. With the availability of more than thousand drug combinations in India, it is difficult to find whether a drug is spurious, duplicate or.

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My vision of india
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